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Support and community for educators, retreat leaders, healers and entrepreneurs scaling their businesses between $100,000 and $10 million.

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Do You Feel ALONE

in creating your retreat, or as an educator or practitioner in your community

and want a community that “gets it”?

If so, we’re glad you’re here.

Let us show you how we’re cultivating a community that goes deeper than talking or just getting together.

We’re transforming confusion to clarity, loneliness to belonging, and fear into empowerment.

In our community, you’ll gain certainty in what to do next and how to scale your business.

The Membership takes the guesswork out of creating and scaling your impact through your business and life.

Kaleidoscope offers in-the-moment, actionable strategies for retreat leaders – both new and experienced – and educators, healers, wellness professionals and entrepreneurs, that create short-term wins and community connection while building your legacy and long term impact on the planet.

It all starts with cultivating the capacity to have conversations that matter. 

From A Skeptical Leader

Andrea Russell
The Kaleidoscope Imiloa Membership resonated with me. It's been clear that a blend of visionary creativity and strategic marketing brilliance is just what retreat leaders need right now. Even though I've historically steered clear of memberships—often finding myself unengaged with podcasts or online courses—I made an exception for Kaleidoscope. It's not just an irresistible offer; it's a commitment I'm excited to make. The promise of what's being delivered, especially the Labs and then creating community discussions out of them, is what I need right now. I broke my own rules and dove in.
Dr. Andrea Russell
Doctor of Ayurvedic Medicine
Madison, WI
Welcome to year six

Imiloa’s community is growing – a second campus is launching in 2024, and we’re regularly having hundreds of conversations with people just like you who are growing your own communities.

We see that what you’re most craving most is community and also support with sales, marketing, funnel creation, joint ventures and more. This is where we help you stand in your power as a leader, soften the edges that may be holding you back, empower your impact all without breaking the bank.

In this Community you’ll:



Get on-demand personalized business, sales, marketing and business support from Imiloa's coaches, senior team and business consultants.

If you’re struggling to navigate the complexity of scaling your business, you’ll get clear, actionable feedback, real-time coaching support, hundreds of workshops and pathways that’ll allow you to use the membership as a resource and build community along the way. 



Enjoy made-for-you LABS, Articles, Scripts, Workshops, Videos and Podcasts from some of the top people in their fields and deepen the conversation with members of the community in done-for-you community gathering spaces online and off. We’ll have twice weekly “live” calls on subjects you care about most. Each piece of content is linked to our community that’s talking about it and moderated by Imiloa coaches. The future of education is experience and the membership is as experience driven as possible. 




Learn specific tools as needed, such as Jake’s “10 Steps to Converting Any Objection into a Commitment” or our “4 Steps to Naming a Retreat that Sells out.” These are individual courses that are worth $99-$299 and it’s all included in the membership. The membership is iterative which means we’re seeking out leaders in their fields that you most want to learn from to be a part of your growth. Get personalized group coaching on emerging areas of interest to retreat leaders, entrepreneurs, and others with AI, sales and marketing, finance and money, and more. 



Find your people and be nurtured by a like-minded community. If you’re unsure of how to build a legacy while achieving short term wins, the Kaleidoscope Membership introduces you to like-minded community all over the planet that’ll help you unlock your vision. The content will help you focus on sustainable practices that ensure your business thrives without compromising the needs of your life or team. At Imiloa, online and offline, we gather intentionally. We know that if everyone’s invited, then no one really is. We are sensing and responding to the needs of our community as the organism evolves.



Get Easy-to-Implement Life-and-Business Changing Practical feedback: 24/7 access to both content and community and a commitment by everyone at Imiloa to continue pioneering new content for you. Having the right knowledge allows you to allocate your time on what matters most (small hinges swing big doors!) We want to help you find solutions easier so you can fill your retreats and experience success in your business with ease and do what you most enjoy outside of sitting in front of a computer — being in nature, with friends and family and living the life you know you deserve. 

WHat's Included

At Imiloa, we know that lack of fulfillment or joy in your business or life likely means very little about you or your skills. It’s more often about your way-of-being in the world. When we have a stake in the ground, where something’s at stake, and we’re accountable, we begin to live into the future that we've been dreaming up for ourselves and those we serve.

The Imiloa Kaleidoscope Community is that tuning fork for you.

We have Labs & Community available to you immediately, along with live group gathering calls. In the first month kick off, Kaleidoscope features introductory courses to get you primed and ready for elevating your life.



LABS = Learning and Breakthrough Sessions. Bite-sized trainings on topics that you care about most are released. These feature Imiloa's team, friends in our community and legends you admire.



We carefully curate leaders from various parts of the world and in different industries you can engage with who are making a difference, troubleshooting challenges and have a support group that expands your network and mind.



We'll have 2x weekly live calls on subjects that are most relevant to the community. The Inso is self-organized with thoughtful leadership so you can connect deeply on subjects you care about most.

Workshops & Courses


We share courses, articles, sales scripts, podcasts, video series and learning pathways that will help you in every area of your business as an impact-driven entrepreneur.

Foundations of an impact-driven business

Foundations: Your first steps to transformation

Identity vs. Behavior: Ways of Being 

Embarking on a journey that is both personal and professional can feel like navigating a maze. That’s why your first stop in the membership is “Foundations.” 

Workshops, videos and an invitation are a part of of this pathway with Jake. Discover the power within: Understand the distinction between who you are and the actions you take daily. We’ll explore aligning identity with your behavior and how this can transform how you view your business and its goals. Navigating toward a harmony and alignment will attract success that is also regenerative and fulfilling. 

This is designed to begin to introduce you to the high level concepts that are fueling the most successful retreat leaders on the planet (We’ve helped over 300 retreat leaders and on average they are earning $30,000+ per event plus programs before and after. 

There is a way of being that precedes success (or failure).


Clarity leads to Prosperity 

The foundational pieces for success in our life and business is with how you are with money. Achieving Serenity in Pursuit of Success: Clarity is not just about setting goals; it’s about understanding your boundaries, desires, and the essence of your being. We guide you through the process of gaining clear insights into your aspirations, facilitating a serene approach to challenges. This tranquility paves the way for prosperity, allowing you to cultivate an environment of growth and abundance.

This training features Jake sharing personal stories of his involvement with a 12-step program for money and finance, the tools he’s learned, and the practical ways of being with finance and money that you can begin to implement immediately.


a stake in the ground 

Imiloa’s leadership team is studying an essential piece of literature in our organization called “Reinventing Organizations.”

In the Foundations pathway, you’ll meet guests and members of Imiloa’s Wisdom Trust who are studying the importance of the harmony between individual, community and organization. You can borrow from this evolutionary thinking about apply it immediately to your business, retreat group or community and it will have a profound impact in how you are and your way of being. 


cultivating conversations that matter 

As we create play and transformation, we learn about game theory and the power of playing an infinite game. How do we set up our retreat businesses and impact-driven ventures not to win, but simply to play to continue to be able to play?  

 In this part of Foundations, Jake will take you through an exploration of what happens when we cultivate a capacity for having conversations that matter. This is at the core of most challenges with sales, marketing and scaling.   

We’ll explore imperfection as a pathway to prosperity, how we can rely on data to help us be resilient in the face of challenge and how cultivating a resilient mindset allows us to outplay most other entrepreneurs in the space.  

At the heart of an enterprise or project that isn’t working is usually a lack of integrity. As one of our guest teachers in Kaleidoscope says Dr. Martha Beck shares: “Integrity is doing what you said you were going to do. Integrity is the alignment.”  

Behind the integrity, there’s the understanding that anything we want to achieve, do, be, or have in life requires us to have conversations that matter. Together, we explore the capacity for having conversations that matter.

then the future is yours...

A big bright future awaits and you’re the hero of this unfolding story.

Foundations is your pathway toward breakthrough. 

From Foundations, you can jump off into a dozen pathways, hundreds of videos, thousands of pieces of content including podcasts, articles, scripts, community and conversation corners, meetups and more.

Pathways for learning (including 100s of videos and podcasts) include 

Newbie Retreat Hosts
Funnel Genius
Marketing Genius
Sales Genius
Joint Venture Genius
Engaging Content and Workshop Design
Program Logistics and Execution
Holding Space
Making $ After Retreats
Beyond 7-Figures

... and so much more. This is only the beginning.

BONUS 1: A 90-minute recorded Q&A live with the community and Dr. Sheri Rosenthal (valued at priceless!)

Sheri is the queen of retreats. Sheri has helped 10,000 retreat leaders to profitable and impactful events and led over 1,000 retreats herself, most notably for Don Miguel Ruiz, author of the “Four Agreements.” 

Learn from Sheri as she coaches members of the community.

BONUS 2: Benefit from the insights of the graduates of Wisdom Trust.

Each year, Imiloa curates a highly influential group of transformational leaders on an odyssey through spiritual and intellectual exploration as they seek to deepen their impact in the world. Members and graduates of Wisdom Trust know that we can only receive what we’ve been able to give. 

They are available and actively part of the Kaleidoscope community.

This Community is For You If

You are wanting the support of others while being able to serve them too (Two fundamental human needs: Growth and Giving)

You have a retreat on the books, or are thinking of hosting a retreat, or expanding your wellness or education business and you want to learn from others.

You love LIVE learning (Labs and POD CALLS) are a part of the membership with the community and coaches from Imiloa.

You’re tired of membership communities that scratch the surface, skimp on value and don’t really listen. It all feels prescribed and you’re wanting something deeper without breaking the bank.

You’re ready for the feeling of “aloneness” or “stuckness” in your business to evaporate. Deep down, you know that taking action is the key - but what action to take? The self-organized ways of being within Kaleidoscope help us to identify the action that needs to be taken and the community supports accountability to take it!

You’re ready to dive into a world where visionary creativity meets strategy and boldness. You want a community that’s tailored for educators, leaders and retreat hosts seeking to have an impact through their work and in their world.

From A Seasoned Retreat Leader

Joining Kaleidoscope was a game-changer for me. As a retreat leader, I've always been on the lookout for ways to innovate and truly connect more deeply in conversation with those I’m serving. Kaleidoscope's blend of visionary creativity and grounded strategy has revolutionized the way I approach my retreats. The Labs and POD Calls have not only enhanced my knowledge but also deepened my connections within this vibrant community. It's more than a membership; it's a transformative experience that has allowed me to contribute on a deeper level and significantly increase my earnings, all while maintaining peace and authenticity in my work.
Micheal Chen
Retreat Leader & Yoga Instructor
Vancouver, BC


Jake Sasseville

As the founder of Imiloa, Jake has become a mentor to some of the top transformational leaders & educators on the planet. He spent the first two years of Imiloa speaking with 2,345 retreat hosts and mapping their emotional and psychological pain points on his office wall.  

Together with his team over the last six years, they’ve created solutions for every pain point as part of the Imiloa experience, causing hosts with moderate followings and email lists to regularly profit $40,000+ and renew at a rate of 80% with Imiloa. They experience a deeper sense of clarity, freedom and ease in their businesses and retreats and they have the community of peer support they’ve always dreamed of.

Now, he’s taking everything we’ve learned — from sales, to marketing to ways of being to event creation and helping retreat leaders and those who aspire to activate their communities in this way — and sharing it with you in this membership. 

Jake started Imiloa in 2018 with no ad or marketing budget. He had never even attended a retreat. He had to learn how to have conversations that mattered… and conversations that converted. In the first 8 months of Imiloa, we signed 8 contracts. Then, something happened… And we started signing eight contracts per month.

That something is what we’re going to teach you in this membership. Now Imiloa regularly signs 10-13 new contracts every month and we’re nearly filled our second location. We’re going to teach you how to turn pain into purpose, with a spirit of service and a posture of learning in a membership that is as much about knowledge, a way of being and a community that will help you get there. We’ve seen what’s possible with over 300+ hosts and we know it’s possible for you, too. 

Prior to Imiloa, Jake had a career in television. He became the youngest host in late night TV history on ABC after Jimmy  Kimmel Live. He’s the author of “Slightly Famous.” His podcast in 2013, “The Jake Sasseville” become one of the most downloaded podcasts on the planet at the dawn of podcasting. He’s traveled the world to live with mentors and sought answers to some of life’s biggest questions while spreading joy, good humor and allowing people to be just as they are along the way. 

Join us and see for yourself the transformative power of community and capacity building.

Screenshot 2024-03-11 at 11.12.55 PM
"Despite my “success”, I've often felt a profound sense of isolation in my journey as a leader. The Kaleidoscope Membership has been a beacon of hope. I’ve met new friends. I’m collaborating with people. It's not just the comprehensive Labs or the engaging community discussions that have made a difference; it's the feeling of being understood and supported by a diverse group of heart-centered entrepreneurs. This membership has not only provided me with invaluable resources to grow my business but has also filled a void of loneliness, allowing me to earn more and contribute to others' lives in a meaningful and peaceful manner.
Sarah Alvarado
Digital Marketing Consultant
Miami, FL

Why Join Kaleidoscope?

Vibrant Community

Engage with leaders committed to making a difference, troubleshooting challenges and have a support group that expands your network and mind.

LABS, Workshops & Courses

Enjoy LABS, hundreds of workshops and courses, and podcasts with influential folks in areas you care about most so that you can learn and directly apply your learning to your business.


A fundamental part of the community is meetups and self-organized environments where Imiloa coaches guide the learning and deepening with one another.

Embrace An Elevated Way of Leadership and get unlimited access to pathways that help you scale your business

What our members have gained from the community

Unlocked Personal Potential

Teams that take empowered next-right actions

Teams that take empowered next-right actions

Fostered Belonging and Friendships

Scaled Businesses

(not just financial, but mindset and increased ease)

Deepened Connections with self and others

Transformed Challenges with Clarity and Tools

Personalized Support

Mastered Objections and converted them into commitments

Tailored Learning

Discussions that they can’t have anywhere else.

A sense of shared wisdom, a sense of being a part of something greater

Expanded Networks

Personal and professional connections

Enjoyed in-person gathering, overcame Isolation, fully accepted for who they are

Realized Authenticity as a path to breakthrough

Embraced Leadership, standing in one’s own power

What our members have STARTED, STOPPED and KEPT in their lives and businesses thanks to Kaleidoscope.


Networking with Peers

Initiated deeper connections and collaborations with like-minded entrepreneurs and retreat leaders.

Applying Visionary Creativity

Began incorporating innovative strategies and creative thinking into their business models thanks to pop-up pods and gatherings.

Engaging in Meaningful Conversations

Started having impactful discussions that drive change and foster community.

Utilizing Personalized Coaching

Leveraged on-demand support from Imiloa coaches and senior leadership to navigate business challenges. Joined 12-week sprints (only available after 3 months of membership) to drill in on particular areas of their business with world-class coaching.

Participating in LABS

Actively engaged in tailored learning experiences to directly address their unique business pain points.

Implementing Strategic Marketing

Adopted new marketing strategies learned from lived experience now happening as the focus shifts on external factors to internal way of being.

Practicing Authentic Selling

Began using values-based selling techniques to create genuine connections with potential clients.

Focusing on Personal Growth

Embraced personal development as a key aspect of professional success.

Creating Content with Integrity

Started producing authentic content that resonates with their audience, based on lessons from the community. Exploring Financial Wellness: Initiated healthier financial practices and attitudes toward money management.

Exploring Financial Wellness

Initiated healthier financial practices and attitudes toward money management.


Feeling Isolated

Stopped working in solitude by connecting with a supportive community that understands their challenges.

Overlooking Self-Care

Ceased neglecting their well-being in pursuit of business success.

Using Generic Strategies

Abandoned one-size-fits-all approaches in favor of personalized, impactful business strategies.

Avoiding Difficult Conversations

No longer avoided crucial conversations, recognizing their importance in business and personal growth.

Resisting Change

Stopped resisting new ideas and strategies, becoming more open to innovation and evolution in their business practices.

Underestimating Networking

Halted the practice of underutilizing their network for growth and support.

Ignoring Member Feedback

Ceased overlooking the insights and feedback from their community, recognizing its value in improving their offerings.

Limiting Their Potential

Stopped limiting their business scope and started exploring new opportunities for expansion and collaboration.

Fearing Failure

Overcame the fear of failure by embracing challenges as opportunities for growth and learning.

Neglecting Professional Development

Ended the neglect of their own professional development, recognizing the importance of continuous learning.


Cultivating Deep Relationships

Members identified strong, mutually joyful relationships and kept building them, inside and outside the community.

Applying Learned Wisdom

Continued sharing their own experiences and lessons learned to contribute to the collective knowledge of the community.

Focusing on Impact

Members joined because they are impact-driven entrepreneurs. They kept that same commitment and fervor. Their impact is now elevated and refined rather than sloppy and ungrounded.

Practicing Integrity

Continued to operate their businesses with integrity, aligning actions with values.

Celebrating Successes

Persisted in celebrating personal and community successes, recognizing achievements as collective victories.

Adapting to Change

Kept an adaptive mindset, ready to evolve with the changing demands of the market and community needs.

Seeking Feedback

Continued to seek and value feedback from peers and coaches for continuous improvement.

Investing in Community

Maintained their investment in the community, recognizing the reciprocal benefits of growth and support.

Embracing Authentic Leadership

Continued to embrace and refine their approach to authentic leadership, influencing positively within and outside the community.

Neglecting Professional Development

Ended the neglect of their own professional development, recognizing the importance of continuous learning.

The Promise of  Transformed Leadership

Kaleidoscope is creating the capacities that are within all of us to have conversations that matter. We’ve noticed that this is what often holds back many retreat hosts and transformational leaders: having conversations that matter to allow your marketing and sales process to become attractive instead of promoting.

Exclusive Coaching & Training

We have pathways on funnels, marketing and sales, including special guests "live" each month to help you solidify a business that works for you instead of the other way around.

Templates & Resources

Utilize our proven tools for success, empowering you to profit significantly from each retreat. We include Scripts, templates, articles, resources so that you're clear with your audiences and partners, venues and team members.

Engaging Community Discussions

The future of education is experiential. We learn as retreat leaders and entrepreneurs by being a part of a thriving community where something's at stake. Launched a retreat and need support? We're here. Not hosting at Imiloa? No problem. This is a membership to support any transformational leader so that they get to focus on what they're best in the world at doing.

Myths About Hosting Retreats that Imiloa’s Hosts Regularly Debunk In Real Life

Truth: Dr. Sheri Rosenthal, founder of Wanderlust Entrepreneurs, shows you a step-by-step way to establish, market and rock your sold out retreat including how to earn at least  $10,000 (You should be at $200 per person per day in profit no matter what!)

Truth: Dr. Cheng Ruang, esteemed Imiloa host and revolutionary physician in Houston, TX shows us through his LAB and coaching the 5 Why’s and 6 Generations method. Engineers use 5 Why’s to get to the core of what they’re actually solving in the world. Six generations looks at how you’re creating something that will evolve and be relevant six generations from now. 

Truth: Dr. Martha Beck, author of “The Way of Integrity” teaches you about the metamorphosis process that can bring you from corporate day job to global retreat leader in under twelve months.

Truth: Imiloa founder Jake Sasseville teaches you his sales methods to convert tickets easily, graciously and from a place of “attraction over promotion.”

Truth: You just need to learn Imiloa’s proprietary 10-step process of “Converting Objections into Commitments.” Available only in the membership,.

Truth: Imiloa’s secret weapons, funnels and ads experts to the stars, Mia Alysse and Ashley Nellett, teach about what a healthy funnel means to your business, small or large. 

Forget the misconceptions.

You don't need a massive online following or to invest heavily in ads to succeed as a retreat host. We're going to introduce you to at least a dozen hosts who have small and mighty networks that regularly sell out their retreats and coaching programs. Kaleidoscope is about embracing authenticity, sharing value, and growing together and building retreats and business that profit.

From A Newcomer to the Retreat Scene

As someone new to hosting retreats, the path seemed daunting, filled with myths about needing a massive following or a big marketing budget. The Imiloa Membership debunked all these myths for me. Learning from leaders like Dr. Martha Beck and tapping into the community's collective wisdom has empowered me to launch my first retreat successfully. This membership isn't just about access to resources; it's about joining a family that uplifts and supports you every step of the way. My ability to earn and contribute has skyrocketed, and I'm doing it all with a newfound sense of peace and purpose.
David Kim
Entrepreneur & Emerging Retreat Leader
San Francisco, CA
Imiloa Membership

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This special introductory offer goes away after the first co-hort fills up. 
Lock your lifetime rate of $29 per month while supplies last.

Here's everything you're getting, along with the estimated value of each component if you were to purchase each separately and individually:

Overview of all that's included with the Kaleidoscope Membership

Unlimited Access to LABS

Participate in made-for-you LABS from leading experts tailored to your specific personal or business challenges.

Valued at $500/month

Personalized Support

On-demand business, sales, marketing, and lifestyle support from the Imiloa coaches and senior leadership team.

Valued at $300/month

Community Gathering Spaces

Designed for members to connect, deepen relationships, and engage in meaningful discussions.

Valued at $200/month