Imiloa Institute CEO Discovery Series Session
Learn how Imiloa has supported 300+ clients in its first 6 years in business with it's done-for-you option, helping hosts become wildly profitable, receive the support from a 50+ person concierge, gourmet cuisine and events team -- and enjoying the flow of retreats at our two campuses -- which feels more like a national parks than a retreat centers.
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"I just want to say thank you for your vision and the care you all take into fully embodying it. Each of my retreat participants felt part of the Imiloa family and were so impressed how they all knew their names. They felt heard, seen, and loved. So thank you! ❤️"
Susan G.
2024 Imiloa Retreat Host
At Imiloa Institute, you get the support you deserve, gourmet food, a 50-person Concierge and Property Team executing every aspect of your event before touchdown and during the retreat and the relief in knowing your guests will have a world-class hospitality experience.

The average Imiloa host enjoys $25,000 to sometimes as much as $330,000+ in profit from each 5-night retreat. Learn how they do it and why Imiloa is their chosen home away from home to host transformational retreats and experiences.
6 Pain Points Of A Retreat Host
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At Imiloa, we believe in clarity for our clients and their participants.

You're out on the leading edge of thought, brave enough to turn around and invite the rest of us out there too. You should be fully supported as a leader.

Imiloa stands for you and the years of work you've put toward your craft and mastery. We ensure you have everything taken care before you arrive so you can focus on content and clients. We never thought the idea of taking care of people could be such a simple, yet impactful, solution.

Register for the free CEO Discovery Series Session to find out how we do it, and most importantly: why.
About The Host
Jake Sasseville, the visionary founder and CEO of Imiloa Institute, is a dynamic entrepreneur, author, and podcaster celebrated for his pioneering influence in media, music, and hospitality.

Known for being the youngest late-night TV host in ABC history and a pioneer in the music and podcasting world, Sasseville has since ventured into creating transformative retreat spaces.

Imiloa Institute in Costa Rica is renowned for its high-touch service and a done-for-you offering that allows clients the support they when hosting retreats. As a result, Imiloa has attracted high profile clients from the “United Nations,” Dr. Martha Beck, Beckley Foundation, Dr. Peter Levine and 300+ others in their short six year history.

Imiloa’s campuses are known to feel more like national parks than retreat centers, and Imiloa is particularly famous for its heart-based leadership from its retreat team in Costa Rica to its sales team worldwide.

Lauded by outlets like INC Magazine for his "chutzpah" in scaling ventures, Sasseville continues to drive change at the intersection of culture and consciousness.
Jake Sasseville
Founder & CEO of Imiloa Institute
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