The Retreat Entrepreneur's Playbook

Your 90 Day Roadmap to Marketing and Selling Out Your Transformative Experience
A transformative journey designed for educators, retreat hosts, and leaders.

Whether you’re starting out or scaling up, "The Retreat Entrepreneur’s Playbook" is your comprehensive guide to creating impactful retreats.

Aspiring and established retreat hosts

Whether you're launching your first retreat or refining your seasoned program, this playbook is tailored to guide you through every phase. From foundational strategies to advanced techniques, you'll find tools that elevate your retreat planning to new heights.

Transformational leaders seeking growth

For leaders dedicated to making a significant impact, this guide provides the framework to expand your influence. Learn to harness powerful marketing and operational strategies that resonate with your audience and amplify your transformative message.

Educators looking to expand their reach

Unlock the potential of experiential learning with retreats that leave lasting impressions. This playbook equips educators with the insights and tools needed to effectively market and deliver educational experiences that are both enriching and memorable.

Learn from the experiences of founding Imiloa Institute, a hub for transformation and learning across continents.

Discover how Imiloa Institute's founder and CEO, Jake Sasseville, moved from vision to reality, creating a nurturing space for personal and planetary awakening
Here’s a wild question for you:

What if you could create a retreat that not only fulfills your vision but also consistently sells out?

How would that change your impact and reach?​
The Retreat Entrepreneur's Playbook

WHat's Inside

Embark on a journey to not only master the art of hosting transformative retreats but also ensure they are a resounding success. Our "90-Day Roadmap to Marketing and Selling Out Your Retreat" distills proven strategies into actionable steps.
A step-by-step 90-day roadmap to market and fill your retreats

Simplify your path to a sold-out retreat with our comprehensive guide that takes you through each day of the 90 days. This roadmap helps you organize, execute, and review marketing strategies that are tailored to engage and attract the right attendees.

Insights from over 2,500 successful retreat hosts

Benefit from collective wisdom and varied experiences as we share secrets and strategies that have led to the success of thousands of retreat hosts. Learn what works and what doesn’t, straight from those who've been in your shoes.

Strategies to overcome common marketing and sales challenges

Tackle the biggest hurdles in the retreat business with tested solutions. From enhancing visibility to optimizing sales techniques, gain the knowledge to not just face but conquer these challenges confidently.

Addressing the toughest challenges in retreat hosting — from unclear finances to insufficient support.

The Retreat Entrepreneur's Playbook provides clarity and solutions that pave the way for success.
The Retreat Entrepreneur's Playbook

Inspired by 200+ Successful Imiloa Transformational Leaders

Drawing from our experiences at Imiloa and the collective wisdom of hundreds of hosts who have become part of our extended family, we have distilled the secrets of both sold-out and underperforming retreats.

We have carefully crafted this 90-day action plan to provide you with a roadmap to breakthrough.

Each day, you will discover actionable steps, valuable insights, and practical exercises designed to help you make progress and move closer to your retreat goals.
The 90 Day Plan
Week 1: Understanding Your Target Audience

During this week, your focus will be on researching and identifying the characteristics of your target audience, including their demographics. You will test hypotheses, delve into psychographics, and connect with peers in the process.

Week 2: Crafting Your Unique Selling Proposition

This week you’ll be focused on identifying the unique features and benefits of your transformational retreat. Features and benefits only matter if you’ve properly identified someone’s pain points and how you can solve them.

Week 3: Developing Your Marketing Strategy

We’ll look into a marketing plan that reflects channels, tactics, and messages you will use to reach your target audience. You’ll begin developing a content strategy that highlights the value and benefits of attending your retreat.

Week 4: Building Your Online Presence

During Week 4, the focus is on building your online presence and optimizing your digital platforms. By enhancing your website's design and user experience, your vision is crystalizing. Even if you’ve hosted a retreat before, perhaps you’re beginning to see the holes and opportunities.

Week 5: Implementing Digital Marketing Tactics

You’ll be focused on developing a social media strategy, and possible paid advertising campaigns and email marketing -- all with the singular goal: Increase your lead flow through your pipeline so you can manage your success.

Week 6: Leveraging Influencer Marketing and Strategic Partnerships

In week six, you’ll discover thought leaders in personal development or wellness (or your niche) who can help support you. You’ll focus on developing mutually beneficial relationships with influencers and partners to expand your reach.

Week 7: Optimizing Conversion Rates

You’ll begin implementing conversion rate optimization techniques, such as improving website design and user experience. You’ll also dive into creating sales copy that is compelling and either creating or directing someone to create landing page copy that clearly communicates the value of not only your retreat, but your expertise as a transformational leader.

Week 8: Post-Purchase Engagement

When you’ve sold a ticket, whether you’re working with Imiloa or any other venue in the world, it is key to have a post-purchase engagement plan. You don’t only want it for relationships with your attendees, you want their word-of-mouth to spread like wild fire as they begin experiencing the retreat.

Week 9-12: Analyzing, Refining, and Scaling

You’re going to begin using your listening and research data insights to refine your marketing and sales strategies while experimenting with new tactics. If you’ve got your retreat booked, you’ll re-visit Weeks 9-12 often as it’s a handy check-list for 1-month before your retreat.

At Imiloa, we believe in a regenerative model that values community and sustainability.

With us, you're not just planning a retreat; you're enriching lives and fostering deep connections.
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The Retreat Entrepreneur's Playbook

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